Friday, November 6, 2009

If Variety Is the Spice of Life.....

Then I am a bland eater. I am the kind of person who as my husband puts it "plays things out". I can eat the same breakfast & lunch for 2 weeks and be completely happy. But for some reason I always have to change up dinner! Weird.... I know.

For breakfast, I had eggs in a basket again. Although I did also have an orange and a pumpkin spice coffee with it. So I am living on the edge! :)

Lunch was some leftover chili, which tasted even better today. No chips though - I ran out of those!

Dinner tonight is one of my old favs. Trader Joe's orange chicken - 5 points for 1 cup! I have some brown rice to go with it and will try to raid the fridge for a nice veggie to go with it.

I also came across this puzzling snack - organic dried apples, and I took a picture of the nutritional info - 39 calories, no fat for one and a half gala apples with the water sucked out. Is the juiciness of an apple is where the calories hide?

I was proud of myself this evening. My husband & I went to the movies to see Boondock Saints 2 (which stunk by the way) and I brought my own popcorn. And by brought I mean stuffed in my purse and smuggled in. I also brought in a 60 calorie pack of prunes. I love them, and yes I am aware how lame that sounds, and I don't care.
Have a great night everyone! I am off to bed soon to get ready for a day of raking leaves ALL.DAY.TOMORROW. Wish me luck!


  1. I always sneak popcorn in the movies. I have to have popcorn when I go-the smell gets to me so bad that I would break down and get the bad stuff! lol

    I just had some prunes tonight...yep I love them too! :) I like those apple snacks-tasty! Plus they are a great low cal snack!

    You must have a lotta leaves. lol

  2. Like, a shit ton of leaves. Wish you had a bodybugg so you could find out what you'd burn.

    And I seriously wanted to lick the picture of the orange chicken.

  3. We do have a lot of leaves! Leaving in New England isn't what its cracked up to be.

    And Mommy2Joe - that chicken can satisfy any General Tso's/chinese take out craving. Awesome!

  4. That chicken looks so awesome that now I need to go get some for myself. Those sneaky food photographers get you every time!