Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WW 1, Bad Eatings Habits 0

First off I need to say - I have had this blog for less then 24 hours and already have 5 followers - Woo Hoo! Its nice to know someone might read my little musings now and again.

On to business. What type of blogger am I? The one who takes pictures of all her meals? The one who sometimes has pictures? Well I know as a blog reader, and as a person who has the attention span of a 3 year old, I like pictures in blogs. But I also know the people I work with think I am weird enough so I won't be taking pictures of EVERY meal. Which leads me to.....

Blog Lesson Learned numero uno - don't cheap out and use your BlackBerry camera to take said pictures. I will whip out the point and shoot for tomorrows post.

Breakfast today was inspired by Brandi - eggs in a basket with turkey bacon and half an apple.

Very easy to make - and even the husband gave it two thumbs up!

I had some carrots and hummus as a snack, and then moved onto lunch, a chicken burger on an ezekiel sesame seed bun.

Whole Foods was giving these little rock stars out as free samples, which was a small but filling snack at 2 points.

After much searching at the local grocery store - I finally found the 2 for 1 pt corn tortillas TJ told me about! We made some chicken and had tacos for dinner. Ole!

Things just work out sometimes I learned today. I emailed a friend on a whim and asked if she would like to join Weight Watchers with me. She said she was going to call me Monday to ask the very same thing. We are starting meetings Monday! I had to have a conversation with myself today, saying that I started eating right today and there is no reason to eat like crap until Monday, which is what I normally would do before starting a diet.

But I think the difference is, I am not starting a diet. I changed my life today. And I am happy about it.


  1. WTG on changing your life! :)

    Oh Im so happy that you have a friend to go to meetings with! It is so nice to have a buddy to do this with. I consider all of my blogger friends as my buddies because I can't seem to find ones at my meeting who are focused. lol

    Glad you found the tortillas! I also cut them into triangles and place them on a cookie sheet-spray them with PAM, sprinkle with a lil salt and bake them for about 12 minutes (watch them) at 400 degrees. Voila, Baked Chips! :)

  2. Sounds like you're well on your way! Good luck!