Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little secret...

I am so tired today! I am worried about this weekend. Going to play cards at my brother in laws house tomorrow night, and going to have dinner at a friends house Saturday. Who wanted to try out her new deep fryer. Yikes!

She is an awesome person, but her like, most people in my life, don't know I am doing Weight Watchers. I don't really tell people. I feel like people judge or ask "are you sure you can eat that" and that just pisses me off. So I figure, why bother? Do people know you are trying to lose weight or did you keep it a secret when you started too?

Eats were good today. Breakfast was oatmeal with frozen berries.

No picture of my AM snack - a apple. Lunch was a left over chicken sausage burger on a sandwich thin, baby carrots and some sad look asparagus. Oh, and the LAST chocolate covered rice cake. Thank god they are gone!

I had tons of errands after work, so I was STARVING when I got home. I made a cobb salad from scratch. Well, I hate bleu cheese and don't eat pork, so it was a cobb salad with feta cheese and turkey bacon, so close enough. I even made it look all nice for you!

Ok - after this long day I am off to bed. Have a great night!


  1. Good luck this weekend!! :)

    And your Cobb Salad look delicious!!

  2. I would encourage you to have a plan for how to handle the deep fryer.Maybe bring something healthy along? Put in a hard workout before you go over there? Something? Because I guarantee you, having a successful evening will feel WAY better on Sunday than pigging out on homemade fried food.

    I have done it both ways - in secret and in public - and I'm not sure one works better than the other for me. Because when I DO tell people, I feel like my choices are being watched. When I DONT tell people, then if I'm trying to control my portons or be moderate, I still get comments about why I'm doing it different.

    Kind of a no-win. So, you just maybe have to think about which kind of irritating comments you prefer. Ha ha.